Saturday, June 21, 2008

A great Birthday surprise

A few months ago I joined Jen Youngs' birthday RAK at . She has a really neat blog and something new everyday. I got a neat card today from Deborah over at She also added goodies which made it even more special. Thanks for the gifts Deborah! I have started experimenting with my bind -it- all and even got my son involved for about an hour. Anyway, here is some pictures of my surprise from deborah and the supply list books that I made. Maybe now I can start to organized my craft stuff.(NOT!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It has been a while since my last post and here is an update. The family reunion went GREAT! We had a large turnout and had more time to talk to each other. I was so busy with details and family history sheets that I didn't get to take many pictures but my cousin is sending me some for the family tree and I will post them later.
I had a birthday yesterday and everything went great! I got some neat gadgets and a tape gun that I have wanted for a while(I guess you say oooooh k ) and money from my kids and grand kids. We finished that off with a swim at sisters. What a day! Thanks everyone.
I am getting ready to do fathers day cards the rest of the day(and wash clothes). There is a very good tutorial I saw at Dannie's Designs blog for a fathers day card that I am gonna make it is in the shape of a wallet which I think is cool. Check out this website for instructions.
Anyway I'll take some pictures and try to post it tomorrow.

My Anniversary is almost here!!!!

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